Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes begin? Fall Session classes begin the week of August 15. The gym closely follows Beauregard Parish school holidays and any closures will be listed ahead of time on our Facebook page and our gym newsletter. 

How do I register?  Registration for all classes will be online. If you are new to our gym, you will first create an account with parent's information then add child as a member on the parent's account. After child is added to the account, they can be registered for their class. 
Click this link to create an account and register:

How do I become an All-Star Team Athlete? SBE's All-Star program starts in early summer with try-outs in May.  After try-outs, your child will be placed on a team depending on their skill and experience.  A mandatory parent meeting will be held to give out important information regarding team membership. E-mail us the first week of May for try-out

What is the registration fee? $60 per child which pays for their insurance and t-shirt or leotard.

How do I pay for tuition? Tuition for fall classes will be auto-drafted from your checking account on the 15th of each month. First payment will be drafted on August 15 and last payment on April 15.

Is there a sibling discount?  For two children, you will receive $10 off your total bill. Three children is $15, and four or more children is $20 off of your total bill. 

Can I watch during class?  SBE has a closed practice policy. This helps our coaches insure that your athlete is getting the most of their class time safely and without distractions. Unfortunately, our gym does not have enough space for a parent waiting area.

What are the class fees and schedules? They can be found by clicking the tabs on the left of this page or you can find them on our Facebook page or contact us :

What is the best way to get in touch with you or ask a question? The quickest way to reach us and get a response is by e-mail.

What is the best way to keep up with what is going on in your gym such as $1 Nights, Nerf Nights, Clinics, etc.? We post everything on our Facebook page and we send out newsletters several times throughout the year.

How do I get more info or book a birthday party at the gym? 
E-mail us at